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Bespoke Web Solutions That Generate Results

Entering our second decade of business providing services to clients around the globe. Tooq is availble for selected engagements in 2022 through 2023 offering:

  • Web-development services
  • e-Commerce solutuions
  • SEO and Content strategy
  • Hosting
  • Consulting
  • Testing services

We strive to understand your business and the problem you are trying to solve before prescribing a solution. We will adapt to your level of technical knowledge, ensuring that you are comfortable during development and confident in your ability to manage the end result of the project. All projects include a generous support period. 

Clients, past and current, include: The City of Edmonton, The University of California - Education Abroad Program (Paris), The Ambulance Paramedics Union of British Columbia - CUPE 873, Emergency Displatchers of British Columbia - CUPE873-02, Catalina Foothills School District (AZ), Learning Development Association of Alberta, Concept Engineering, the Alberta Drama Festival Association, and many others. 

Some Notable In-House Projects We've Created:

Ab15_logo.pngThe UCP government in Alberta announced a plan to rollback the minimum wage from $15 per hour to $13 per hour for youth workers in May 2019. The site was created as a means of allowing Alberta businesses to pledge their support of paying a minimum of $15 per hour to all employees.

A map feature was added in the following weeks allowing people to filter and find businesses in their area. The list contains over 250 businesses including large players like Costco Canada and Popeye's, and hundreds of independent businesses like Knifewear and  Meuwly's. A sticker program was also rolled out allowing participating businesses to show their participation on their doors and registers.

The site received coverage on multiple platforms across Alberta and was featured on CBC's national program, Power and Politics with Vassy Kapelos.

ymmfire.pngOn May 3, 2016, a series of forest fires in Northern Alberta threatened the city of Fort McMurray and saw over 90,000 people evacuated. Built and launched within hours of the evacuation call, the site allowed people to list accommodations they were able to offer evacuees fleeing the fires.

Over 6,000 accommodations were listed and hundreds of evacuee families were able to find places to stay across Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

The site received local, provincial, national, and international media coverage.

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