You're Probably Here Because You Need a Website, Right?


We Learn About Your Business

While most shops will learn a little about you, we dig deep. We want to know how you sell, who you sell to and who you'd like to be selling to in the future.  We'll look at what you have so far and tailor solutions to your knowledge and staffing levels and your budget.

We're Brutally Honest

Let's face it. Sometimes our families are so busy being supportive of us being entreprenurial, that they kind of suck at telling us the truth. Sometimes, you need someone to tell you that your logo is hurting your credibility, your sales funnel is targetting the wrong person or your staff are poorly trained. We try to be nice when we tell you, but tell you we will.

We're in it for the Long Haul

Most shops ship it, cash your check and move on. We work closely with clients after we ship to ensure that you maximize the use of our labor. We'll make sure that when we develop your website, social media, and marketing plan that you have everything you need to succeed,

We build or provide:

  • Website design and development
  • eCommerce and Payment Gateway services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content creation and curation
  • Social Media planning and design
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Web Video Production
  • Software Testing Services
  • Software Testing Training
  • Business Planning
  • Labour Market Opinions
  • And much more... 

Drop us a line and we'll get in touch:


Some of our work (Click pictures for details)

So How Much More Does This "Platform" Cost?

More than having one of your relatives build a site for you in flash. Less than just a website from most shops. All we can ask is that you call us and have a discussion. There's no obligation and even if you choose to go somewhere else, at the very least, you'll gain some insight into getting your project done all for whatever you pay yourself for 20- 30 minutes (the length of the phone call).

So, if we Haven't Scared You Off...

Let's have a phone call. You came here looking for a website and we tell you that you need a lot more. We get it. It's probably pretty overwhelming and you're busy and need to get this dealt with and out of the way. We can make this easy to understand, provide clear pricing, and we can show you how we can work in steps so you see results as we go, or we part ways. You don't commit to selling the farm, we stay motivated to make your project a success. Everyone wins. 

Will I be Number One on "The Google"?

No. Not on day one. Pretty much never for something like "Car wash" or "Business" or "Ford" or "QuickBooks". But we will work with you to find the searches that your customers are using to find your competitors and we'll make sure your website gets indexed so it can be found on Google and other search engines. And unlike the big shops, we include SEO in our websites, not as some multi-thousand dollar add on.

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Damn that little back button on my mouse... I just blanked out a huge long post with information on the news from around here. I'll cover things off again, but a bit more briefly this time: At the end of April, I finished off a contract that extended three times from six months to thirteen working for a large company that makes accounting software. It was a new area for me (Apple/iPhone), and the team in Mountain View was great to work with. The app should hit the App Store this week.  We've got a site coming alo…
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So busy around here lately that I'm going to wear through my keyboard and that's why I haven't posted very much as of late. I do have some things planned, I just have to make some time to get to them. For now, two quick updates: 1. Site Launch - This was a cool project as it was our first politics-related site. The client wanted something clean and simple in order to collect support in an effort to encourage Edmonton city councellor, Kerry Diotte, to run in the civic election this October. I've never se…
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