Website Design & Development

Whether you need an existing site rebuilt from scratch, or you own a new business that requires an online prescence, we can help with a design and marketing message that helps your customers connect with your business. We use modern, open-source tools to minimize costs and maintenance, allowing you to manage the content of your website easily and without having to pay a developer for every change required.


If you've looked into eCommerce and shopping carts for your business you know a few things by now: They all seem pretty expensive with on-going costs and monthly fees and knowing where to start can be challenging.

We can provide an integrated solution for your site that is inexpensive to implement, flexible, customisable, and you don't pay monthly cart fees. We can also help get you set up with Beanstream, Stripe, and Square to help with any level of payment service you require


Search Engine Optimization

While many shops make SEO and expensive add-on, we feel it's a bit like selling you a car and then telling you you need to pay more for an engine. Basic SEO is integral to the success of any site and therefore it is included in our pricing structure. If you want on-going help with SEO, we can do that to, but we do things differently there as well. We'll discuss an affordable base rate and a series of milestones that must be met to trigger bigger payouts. We only make the big money if you do first.

Content Creation and Planning

Google likes to see things that are informative and kept fresh. Things have come a long way from keyword stuffing your site to the top and Google has gotten very good and measuring the internal quality of a site. You need good content that explains what you do without being spammy, in a well structured site and that is kept up to date. You don't have to blog every day, but the more often you can create and post quality content, the better. We can help with planning your content to make updates timely, readable, and painless!

Social Media Strategy

Now, what's all this about the FaceSpace and Tweeters and Pinstripe and Blog-a-ma-call-its and stuff? My neighbor's kid told me I need to do all that stuff too.

There are two key elements that require on-going attention from you to succeed on the web:Content and Social Media. So whether you have actually made the statement above, or if you're actually pretty savvy with this stuff using social media like Facebook and Twitter can go a long way to sharing your company's brand and vlaues with the world. While it takes some consistency, it can also be a fun and rewarding aspect of engaging, not only potential and existing clients, but people that might never buy from you, but will recommend you to others that will.

Software Testing Services

When you need independent software testing, we can help. With a firm grasp on context driven testing, we work to find the big bugs fast. We employ methods that engage thinking testers not people who like to make spreadsheets. You get better quality testing, in a shorter time frame and with better results. Also, we take pride in referring to ourselves as testers, as it takes more than one position to "Asusure Quality".


Google Adwords

We can't count the times that clients have called us and told us that they need Adwords but don't know where to start. We can help design a campaign that targets the right demographic with engaging ads that maximize your budget and return. Adwords involves a learning curve that can be an expensive education if you make some simple beginner mistakes. Let us help get you started without the high tuition.

Tooq Inc. is your one-stop shop to help your business succeed on the web.

Let us help you create and maintain a website and provide all of the related tools to increase your sales, build your brand and help you win on the web.