PD, The Foodbank, and StartupEdmonton

Dec 18, 2009


It’s been a scattered week and a half for me, so I thought I’d post a quick update on what’s going on around here.

Product development is still moving along at a pretty decent pace. Our beta release will be available at the end of January as mentioned in the last post. So far we have 23 sign-ups for Beta and we’re still looking for more people who may be interested in taking Tooq for a spin.  If you are someone else is interested, even if only having an early look at things, you can sign up on our coming soon page at www.mytooq.com.

Our food bank fundraising effort is ending today and we have raised $155.00 USD for the Edmonton Food Bank. With our promised matching, we’ll be donating $310.00 USD, unless of course, we can gather a few more donations. I removed the preset levels, so now we’ll accept any amount. If you have a few dollars to help those in need, we’d be glad to pass it on and match your donation.

The holiday season has begun taking its toll on my time already and my wife has been going full blast at work which has eroded even more time. She has put in two eighteen hour days this week and worked late each day for the rest of the work week. At least they finished the project late last night and she should be free and clear for the holidays now. My brother and his family are in town from Australia for the first time since moving to Brisbane a year and a half ago, so I’ve been spending as much time as possible with them until they return home on the 29th. I suspect that I’ll be working rather sporadically over the next couple of weeks, but I should be able to find some solid pockets of time for focused work again.

I did manage to make my way to an event sponsored by StartupEdmonton on Wednesday evening at The Hat in downtown Edmonton. I’m guessing there was about forty or so people from the Edmonton start-up community there, which was impressive given the time of year and the blistering cold weather. I spent some time talking with Andre Prefontaine who released MapKat.com earlier this year, Tyler Findlay who has several small projects on the go when he’s not busy with his day job. Had a good conversation about gaming with Trent Oster of IdeaSpark Labs and Tom Ohle from Empire Avenue.  I also was able to finally meet Mack Male and Cam Linke, both of which are huge assets for the tech scene in this city. They both do a lot of work to promote start-ups and technology, and both are great connectors and communicators.

If you have a start-up, work in the tech field, or just have an interest  in tech, be sure to check out StartupEdmonton on Facebook and make your way down to an event. Lots of very smart and enthusiastic people working on some very cool ideas.

Posting might be a little touch and go over the holidays (like it’s not already), but I’ll be around and working throughout the season. You can (almost) always find me on Twitter here or send me an email.

Take care,


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