Migration Complete - Wordpress to Concrete5

Feb 06, 2013

After wanting to migrate from Wordpress for ages, I've finally managed to get things ported over to the site proper. I didn't bring comments or pingbacks from the former blog as there simply wasn't too many of them and I didn't feel that it was fair to take comments made by others to another place without some kind of explicit permission.

I'm still not too sure what I'll do with the old one, either leave it as is, delete the posts, or kill it outright. 

Details on the New Blog and the Migration

You're seeing the "ProBlog" package created by Chad Strat. I have to say it is a very nice means of handling a blog. It is user friendly, integrates pretty neatly with the site and was fairly easy to setup. I'll probably poke around with the design a bit more here and there, but for the traffic that I'm likely to see (18,000 views in just over three years at WP), I'm not going to spend too much time on it. 

Chad had notes and a link to a tool to migrate from WP to this package, but for whatever reason, I could not get it to work, I'm guessing that maybe something in 5.6 was preventing it from working, but rather than noodle with it, I had my new partner transfer the posts as part of her ramp-up (Details on who she is and what she will be doing will be coming soon).

Anyways, please have a look around at the blog, leave a comment so I can be sure things are working. Try some of the social links at the top of posts out, update your bookmarks, etc.

Look for some posts in the next 7-10 days on Tooq's newest partner, a product release, and some other updates. Thanks for stopping by.


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