May 23, 2013

Damn that little back button on my mouse... I just blanked out a huge long post with information on the news from around here. I'll cover things off again, but a bit more briefly this time:

At the end of April, I finished off a contract that extended three times from six months to thirteen working for a large company that makes accounting software. It was a new area for me (Apple/iPhone), and the team in Mountain View was great to work with. The app should hit the App Store this week. 

We've got a site coming along for a volunteer run association that should launch in the next 7-10 days. The group is spread throughout the province and we were able to add functionality that should make it much easier for them to operate and reduce the time it takes them to manage eleven different festivals. We made the site easy to navigate and festival registrations can be handled completely online. We'll have more details when the site launches.

I have taken on a co-ownership role in a client's business, Pristine Granite Inc. We're developing the sales and marketing to be different from the rest of the pack, building on the long-tail, exuberant referral business as opposed to the "granite lasts forever and has no repeat customers so we better soak these folks good" mentality that seems to be prevalent in the industry. We've been hiring staff, looking for shop space, redoing the marketing and branding (pristinegranite.ca), and making sales calls. While a trade business is a different path for me, I hope to apply other industry knowledge where applicable and bring some information back to this blog to help with advice on marketing and operating your business successfully.

Quick Hits

- Clov keeps ticking along, though sales are still fairly slow. We hope this will change as reviews come in and project planning sees more sales come to fruition.

- We're working on a bulk product import for eCommerce for Concrete5 that should be ready for testing next week and hopefully be available in the marketplace in July. We're aiming for a

- Tooq Inc. is now an authorized Google Apps for Business Reseller. Give us a call if you have been thinking of making the switch or if you need some help with your setup.

- I've been thinking about the creation of a charity event for about a year and think I might try to put it together for the fall of this year. My goal would be to see 6-10 local charity groups benefit from the services of designers and developers over a 24-48 hour period. Let me know if you'd be interested in hearing more or helping out. I saw a similar event held in the US about a year and half ago and think it might be a cool way for tech folks to network while helping out several good causes.

- I've added reCaptcha to the comments. I've been getting a lot of spam comments and don't see many real comments anyways. For those that do comment occasionally, I apologize for the hassle.

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