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Dec 15, 2010


With the holiday season nearly here, I thought it might be appropriate to share some information and a special offer with the small business owners that use myTooq.com.

Holiday Subscription Discount:

Between now and January 7, 2011, you can sign up for our Small Business subscription for $11.00 per month or $100 for a full year, or the High Growth plan for $36 per month or $300 for the year. All you need to do is enter the promo code “Influads” on the Manage Subscription screen to update the pricing for a subscription. That’s up to a $68 savings on the Small Business tier and $528 of the High Growth (assuming you buy an annual subscription over paying the regular monthly subscription price).

PHSP Enrollment:

In addition to the discounted plan, myTooq.com will cover the $100 enrolment fee for any Canadian company wishing to enroll in a Brock Health Administration Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). To enroll, you’ll need forward your myTooq.com subscription receipt to [brian at mytooq dot com] along with your name and phone number. I’ll get in touch with you to help you get enrolled in the program.

Helping the Edmonton Food Bank (or your local one):

Last Christmas season, we matched donations up to $250 for the Edmonton Food Bank, with a total donation of just over $500. This year, the war chest is pretty light and unfortunately we won’t be able to run the same program. That being said, myTooq.com will donate 10% of all annual subscriptions created between now and January 7th to the Edmonton Food Bank. This will include subscriptions created with the above promo code.

And even if you can’t or don’t need to subscribe to our service, I’ll urge those that can afford it, to donate to a local food bank. You can find a food bank local to you using one of the links below:

USA Canada Global

If you know of a site that lists food banks in your specific country or area, let me know and I’ll be happy to add a link.

Seasonal Support:

We usually able to reply to support requests within the hour, if not within minutes. As the holiday season is a busy one, I expect that our service level should not change too much, and we’ll stick to no more than a day to respond.

New Features:

As you may have noticed, we launched the Sales Report and the Sales Tax/VAT report earlier this week. I hope they help everyone with their year end duties and other processes in general. Next up, we’re looking at introducing either Payment Tracking (being able to mark invoices as paid or partially paid) or an Expense Tracker. I still have to decide which will come first and which provides the biggest bang for everyone’s buck. I’m happy to see your preference in the comments.

Consulting and Custom Software Solutions

myTooq.com has also begun consulting and working on custom software solutions for large and small businesses. This began with the work for Brock Health in September, but since then we have been approached by a restaurant, a granite company, a large manufacturer, and a few others about tech solutions. We’re happy to discuss what the problem is you are trying to solve and recommend solutions. We’ll have a separate site up soon and I’ll link to it here. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you need someone to discuss technological solutions or business process improvements with (no charge for the initial contact of course).

That’s it for now. Happy December.


You can have a look the site or log in to subscribe (promo code: ‘Influads‘) here.

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