Coming Soon: Karmahive and Other Things

Jul 23, 2012


Here’s a quick roundup of numerous things in my world from the last several months and the next few. It’s been busy and we’ve been buried in a pretty large client project for the last little while, so not much on the blog lately.

  1. We – Tooq is run like a pirate ship for the most part. A loose band of folks that like to solve problems and create things, but without a lot of the overhead. Everyone operates as a contractor right now, though that is likely to change in the not-too-distant future. That all being said, we have a core of myself and a junior developer in Edmonton and a small flexible team based in Kosovo. MOre to come on this in a future post.
  2. Karmahive – Still working out the details and what to start with as I’ve got plenty of ideas to build into the service if it gains some traction, but generally, the aim is to help make running a silent auction fun, easy and profitable while helping businesses manage their charitable giving more easily. I announced as fall 2012 for a release, but we might be pushing late fall at this point.
  3. Another Concrete5 add-on – We have several clients that all have Concrete5 websites and need a similar type function to help manage their businesses. I think other businesses will see value too and so we expect to launch an add on for Concrete5.  
  4. Testing App – This one is pretty exciting. I traded some emails with a testing idol of mine and received his blessing to create and monetize an app for a specific style of testing. Still working on numerous factors here, but I’m looking forward to building, sharing and using this service.
  5. Other stuff – There’s lots of other things on the horizon too, but it’s been pretty busy just staying on top of the day to day. I’m taking a little time off at the end of August for a much needed vacation. I’m hoping to come back refreshed and ahead of the curve again.

More soon…

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