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Dec 21, 2011


I wouldn’t bill myself out as a video guy by any means, but one of our clients (Doug at Solalta Group) wanted a video to showcase a property he has in the Dominican Republic that is looking for partners. I spent a couple of hours on a concept idea that was really rough, but showed him what I was able to accomplish and he liked it.

I spent a bit more time tweaking, tightening and messing around and managed this:


Working with Doug over the past little while, I have seen numerous pictures of the property and the area and people surrounding it. Doug splits his time between Edmonton and the DR and has shared tonnes of information about living there, the food, the lifestyle, the people and more. I have on more than one occasion tried to point out that I might be able to better complete work and design for his projects if he were to fly me to the DR, but to no avail. Hopefully my future holds a trip for even a short vacation. Hopefully during the middle of an Edmonton winter too.

As to the production? Pretty much value budget tools all the way around. Prezi was the canvas with pictures text and video all laid out there. I then used Camtasia to record the screen and audio as I panned through the Prezi presentation. The whole thing is shot in one take with the only edits being splices at the beginning and end and fading the volume in and out. It took a few versions to find something that worked, something that Doug liked, and had the timing right. There were countless dry runs to try and get the timing right and somewhat close to the music’s beat.

The music and some of the photos came from here. If you look closely, the Youtube video has simply been embedded into the presentation layer. The crop I made at the beginning of the video was to cut me pressing play.

While I don’t foresee any Oscar nominations for this season (I didn’t one for this either), it was pretty fun to do, especially since Doug was throwing around ideas and I thought I’d take a stab at something. If you happen to be a developer/financier looking for a project and you want more information about Doug’s Royal Palms project, you can get in touch here:

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